Toh Han Wei


Age: 20
Instagram: @HANWEYY
Han Wei is one of those people who trains really hard for his sporting commitments. Like, really hard. This water polo player hits the pool every single day and has been athletic since he was a kid. He is currently waiting to enter university and says part of the reason why he’s training so hard is because he hopes to get on the school team. Aside from being an athlete, he’s also a model – something which he fell into by accident (he only went to a casting because he was accompanying a friend). And while he considers himself “boring” and a “homebody”, he’s spontaneous enough to sometimes book impromptu flights out of the country for a short getaway. When asked why he decided to become a CLEO Bachelor, he bashfully reveals that he wants to boost his confidence. Han Wei may be a bit shy, but there’s no doubt he knows a thing or two about dedication.

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