Tyler Lim


Age: 29
Instagram: @LOUTHEX
Tyler admits that being a doctor wasn’t always his calling. In fact, he jokingly says he studied Medicine to irritate his parents, who wanted him to finish school ASAP and start working. “The Medicine course at NUS is five years, so I wanted to rebel against them slightly and spend a long time in school.” But it wasn’t long before he fell in love with his trade and, well, the rest is history. Tyler is very much an adrenaline junkie (he has a skydiving license and has clocked 25 solo jumps!). He also travels a lot, citing Iceland and New Zealand’s South Island as his favourite places to visit. How is he as a boyfriend? “I like a little romance when necessary, but I really like to do activities, like sailing into the sunset.” That sounds pretty romantic to us!

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