Yamin Yusof


Age: 29
Trainer and Actor
Instagram: @YAMIN.YUSOF
Yamin is a trainer at the Civil Defence Academy for a range of courses, including physical training and an advancement course for firefighters. Prior to that, he worked as a lifeguard for six years. “When I was a lifeguard, I was fat. Then I became a trainer and it changed my life.” When he’s not tekan-ing recruits, he acts in TV shows. Yamin reveals that he likes acting because it lets him become “someone you can never be”. And the go-getter is not one to rest on his laurels. When he has some time off, he likes attending workshops or “anything that improves myself and my career”. “If I get to attend a free course to be, say, a barber, why not? You never know when you’ll need to act as a barber!”

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