I Went For A $350 Haircut To See If It’s Worth The Price

I don’t have a regular hairstylist. I’ve never been particular about who cuts my hair as long as they’re willing to adhere to my wants i.e., please keep the thinning and layering very minimal, TYVM. But I am particular about how they cut it.

So when CLEO’s Associate Digital Editor Hidayah asked me to go for a haircut that starts from $250, I agreed… albeit warily. For one, just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean it’ll be good, right? And more significantly, the cut would be by Christian Serafini—previously the Global Creative Director and Head of Education at the Rossano Ferretti brand, and a celebrity hairstylist of sorts (he spent seven years trimming the tresses of Hollywood stars in Beverly Hills before coming to Singapore). I had no doubt he has exceptional technique, but would he, as a hair maestro, insist on giving me a hairstyle I’d hate? Would he respect the simplicity of the look I love going for? I wasn’t sure.

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Christian is currently the Creative Director at La Maison Des Stars, which is located at The Fullerton Hotel. When I arrived at the salon, he was warm and friendly, and when talking about my hairstyle preferences, he nodded knowingly when I told him, “Please keep my hair thick.” Hairdressers usually like to thin my hair because they think they’re doing me a favour by making it less heavy, but this is always exactly what I ask that they refrain from doing, so I’ve since developed an ability to quickly suss out if they’re unable to deliver I want.

Christian actually made me feel really assured really fast that he got what I wanted, and within a couple of minutes ushered me to go get my hair washed. I was expecting one of his assistants to take over the washing but no, he did it himself. There was no scalp massage, which was slightly disappointing given the price point of the treatment, but it was a luxurious wash with multiple applications of products to detangle my mess of a head of hair. He also indulged me in a chat, and it was during this time that I learnt that he grew up in the Italian countryside, started hairdressing at the young age of 15 and moved to the UK at 18 to pursue what would become an illustrious hairdressing career.

When it came to the cut, Christian knew exactly what he was doing—he moved with confidence and precision, even getting me to stand up at one point so he could see if the ends were equal. He then asked that I let him do some thinning and layering. “Just a little bit,” he emphasised, before explaining that he’d do it in such a way that my hair would still appear thick without being heavy. I decided to take a leap of faith with his expertise. My verdict? I’m pleased with the result.  OK, I would like my hair to be a bit thicker still, but how it is now isn’t beyond what I’m comfortable with. Plus, yes, it’s quite refreshing to have my head feel a little lighter.

The treatment, which took a little over an hour, was $350. Do I think it’s worth the price? Maybe if you want to indulge in an atas treatment once a year, or just before you start growing your hair out if you intend to keep it long. I don’t think it’s something that’s worth doing on the regular, but if you’re having your annual “big cut”, I think Christian will be able to cater to your needs—he has a way with hair and isn’t afraid to give you what you want even though he’s the pro. In fact, when I went back to the office, Hidayah said that my hair still looks “relatively thick”. That’s good enough for me.


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