We are all suckers for cute stuff, so whenever beauty brands announce collaborations with illustrators, mascots or other brands, we rub our hands in glee. After all, it adds to the feel-good factor when we’re using the products.

Here are four BB cushion collaborations that we absolutely adore. Most of them are only found in Korea, so you might wanna stock up the next time you head there!

Lapcos Brightening CC Cushion

Minnie isn’t the only one who can adorn the packaging of beauty products; Mickey doesn’t look out of place on this case. And we love how the grey packaging gives a sleek and edgy (and non-girly) finish.

A’PIEU Air Fit Cushion

에어 핏 뽀얀 쿠션 5,800원에어 핏 어퓨 쿠션 세트(본품+리필 구매시, 퍼프 증정)13호/21호/23호 9,800원

Posted by A’PIEU 어퓨 on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Doraemon BB cushion case… Gimme! It’s like reliving your childhood all over again. (I mean, who didn’t watch Doraemon?) The collection also includes a cushion blusher case adorned with Dorami’s face. #toocute

Beyond Alice In Glow Cushion

We’ve gotta admit we’ve got a soft spot for any Alice In Wonderland collab, mainly because they always turn out amazing. And this doesn’t disappoint. The design is simple: Alice and flowers. But it’s so pretty we’d totally pretend to touch up our makeup just to show this off.

LANEIGE x PLAYNOMORE BB Cushion Pore Control

Available in Singapore!
PLAYNOMORE is known for the super-cute eye motif, so when Laneige announced this collab, we absolutely went bonkers. And for good reason too, because not only does it have the brand’s signature cartoon eyes  on hearts, no less  the rim of the case is also metallic pink. Swoon.

Images: LI TZU CHIEN / 123RF.com, Lee Yng / 123RF.com