4 Quick Fixes To Add Volume To Your Hair

Some days, you wake up to limp hair and wonder, “Is my day really starting like this?” You could tie your hair up, but sometimes, you’re just adamant about letting it down. You could blow-dry your hair. Or you could just go for these quick fixes.

  1. Volumising Powder
    This not only gets rid of the grease, but also injects a dose of volume into limp hair. Think if it as a cross between dry shampoo and hairspray.
    How-to: Apply onto the roots and rub it in.
    Try: Toni & Guy Casual Sculpting Powder, $12.90, Watsons & Guardian


  2. Mousse
    We like to think of mousse as a push-up bra for hair. It coats your strands and make it appear and feel thicker after it dries.
    How-to: Apply on damp hair before blow-drying.
    Try: Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse, Sephora

  3. Salt spray
    If you want beach waves, a salt spray is the way to go. It creates perfect-looking messy waves without you looking like you feel asleep while curling your hair.
    How-to: Spray onto damp hair, scrunch it up and leave to dry. Alternatively, spray on your roots only for a quick lift.

  4. Tease
    The most common way of getting instantly volume is by teasing your air. This is great for bouffant hairstyles or when you want volume at the roots.
    How-to: Take a section of your hair and comb the back section in the opposite direction as you would usually. Tame the outer part to neaten your hair.

Image: Aleksey Satyrenko / 123RF.com 

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