Bigger eyes can make you look more alert, hide a hangover or even master a deadly stare (#judgingyou). And they’re really quite easy to achieve. Here are some tips to enhance your peepers.

Get rid of your dark circles
Darkness and discoloration under the eyes can make your eyes appear smaller. Choose a concealer that is not only a shade or two lighter than your skin, but is also yellow-based to cancel out the blue or purple hues. A common mistake women make is applying concealer all over the eyes. Work on brightening the eye area by applying concealer where the actual dark circles are. A light creamy concealer will do the job just fine – apply the concealer with your fourth finger or a soft brush and gently blend the edges out and around the eyes. Don’t cake it on!

Groom your eyebrows
Gorgeous brows can create a flattering frame for your face, even out the proportions of your facial features, and accentuate your eyes. Start by tweezing the stray hairs around your brows, and then fill in gaps with an eyebrow pencil or gel, starting with the outer corners and working your way towards the inner corners. Complete it by sweeping a brush over the brows; make sure your sweeping motion is up and out. This gives your brows a clean shape that instantly opens up the eyes.

Highlight your features
Choose an iridescent shadow or highlighter that matches your skin undertones. Dabbing a white or champagne eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes will open your eyes, making them appear lifted and wider. Apply highlighter below the arches of your brows to draw light and give the illusion of lifting the brow. Gently draw a line directly below the brow, from the inner corner to the outer. Finish up by blending the line to make it indistinguishable.

Line your eyes
Apply a black liner to the base of your upper lashes, making sure to fill in any gaps between lashes and to draw the liner as close as possible to the lash line. Increase the thickness of the line towards the outer corners to frame the eyes. To enhance the shape of your eyes, wing your liner up and out at the outer corners. A tiny flick will do the trick, while a more dramatic flick can enhance the eyes. Choose a liquid eyeliner with a flexible tip that will provide precision and control.

If you’re going for a subtler look, try tightlining your eyes. Avoid the liquid eyeliner for this look. Waterproof pencil liners are the best for this. Tilt your head up slightly and look down into the mirror. Gently pull up your upper eyelid to get a clearer look at your waterline. Draw tiny strokes of liner towards the inner corner of your eye. Follow up by filling in any gaps between your lashes.

Fix your lashes
Lashes are the key to bigger eyes. Choose a lengthening mascara over a volumising formula if you only have time for one application. Unless you’ve got lashes that are naturally curled, never skip the eyelash curler. Straight lashes can cast a shadow and make your eyes look smaller. Curling the lashes before applying mascara helps open up the eyes.

If you’re a tad more adventurous, try false eyelashes. Don’t be afraid to put on slightly more dramatic, fluttery ones that can really accentuate your eyes. Determine your eye shape before choosing a pair of false eyelashes because some styles suit certain eye shapes more.

For a hassle-free alternative, try eyelash extensions. Browtisan, Carragheen and Browhaus are among the many salons in Singapore that offer eyelash extensions. Choose extensions that are applied individually by hand. These look more natural and are more comfortable. The best part? The extensions usually line the base of the eyelashes to create a tightlining effect, completely obliterating the need for eyeliners. Waking up to gorgeous lashes? Yes, please.

Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Elizabeth Boon