Blue eye makeup is one of the biggest trends to date. Find it in a dash, wash, line or solid block over or under the eyelids. Whether you choose to go subtle or dramatic, the trick to making this singular makeup pop is to keep the lips barely there.

#1 Wing tips

5 Ways to Wear Blue On Your Eyes

An accent of turquoise on the outer corners of eyes can be equally stunning to any black eyeliner. Keep the rest of the face au naturel with just a base, eyebrows, mascara and lip balm.

#2 Undereye swatch

5 Ways to Wear Blue On Your Eyes

Here is an artsy way of drawing the bottom eyelids. Paint the centre of the bottom eyelids with pastel cream shadow and spread it out.

#3 Dramatic eyeliner

5 Ways to Wear Blue On Your Eyes

For this electrifying look, draw a thick eye line (the entire crease) and extend the wing tip up and out towards the outer ends of your eyebrow with cobalt shadow.

#4 Double under-liner

5 Ways to Wear Blue On Your Eyes

First, rim the entire eye with a black eyeliner, leaving enough space for the lower eyelid for you to fill in with a bright blue eyeliner. (What a great way to hide or camouflage eye bags!)

#5 Psychedelic eyes

5 Ways to Wear Blue On Your Eyes

This one takes major drawing and painting skills. It looks like the wings of the birds of paradise. The eyeshadow is drawn and shaped in blocky, bold colours. A great look to have for a themed party.


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Text: Cynthia Chew