Not all of us have the confidence to post an unedited selfie on Instagram (even Kylie Jenner uses photo apps!) no matter how pretty others claim we are. But instead of spending 10 minutes editing every photo, why not try these tricks to minimise the editing? Perhaps all you’ll need now is the crop function.

1. For a slimmer-looking face
Instead of shading your jaw as usual, draw an almost vertical line on the side of your cheeks towards your jaw and blend. This makes your face looks slimmer so you don’t have to use the liquify function.

2. For a smoother complexion
Primer works great in concealing your pores and creating a smooth finish. In this way, you can use the brightening and smoothening effect less!

3. For bigger eyes
Cosmetic lenses are great for enlarging your irises to make your eyes look larger. This is perfect if you wanna achieve the dolly look. However, be sure to use FDA-approved lenses like FreshKon or you’ll risk having an eye infection.

4. For a sharper nose
If you want to create the appearance of a slimmer nose and a taller nose bridge, shade the sides of your nose and highlight the middle portion. In this way, you don’t have to use the “nose reshaping” function to alter its shape.

5. For plump puckers
You don’t have to go for fillers to create the illusion of a plumper pout. Just draw your lip liner about 1mm outside your lips and then fill in the colour.

6. For brighter skin
Here’s an amazing way to instantly brighten up your skin tone without using a filter to correct the colours: Use a purple or peach-toned makeup base to erase sallowness.

Images: TPG/Click Photos