The use of spoon shouldn’t be limited to eating and serving. The handy metal utensil has so much more potential than that. Here are six beauty tricks that you can use a spoon for (use a metal spoon for best results).

1. Drawing the perfect winged liner
Use the handle of the spoon to draw the bottom part of the wing, and the curved part to create the upper part. Fill in the area to create the perfect wing.

2. Preventing mascara from smudging on lids
Place a spoon on your lid (the concave part should be on your lid) before coating your lashes with mascara.

3. Getting rid of eye bags
Place two spoons in the freezer and then use the back of the spoons to massage your undereye area to get rid of puffiness and eye bags.

4. Contouring your face
Place the concave side of the spoon on the apple of your cheek, and then swipe your bronzer or shading powder on the area underneath.

5. Healing a pimple
Warm the spoon in hot or warm water (test the temperature on your hand), and then apply the convex part onto the new pimple.

6. Fixing broken eyeshadow or blusher
Shattered your eyeshadow or blusher? Don’t bin it. Just add a few drops of alcohol to the powder and use the back of the spoon to press the pigments back into shape.

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