A Japanese salon experience right here in Singapore. If that sounds right up your alley, then head on down to the new salon at Orchard Gateway, Number76. The salon, which started as a small venture 15 years ago in Omotesando, Tokyo, recently opened their first branch in Singapore, following their successful foray into Malaysia, where they have four salons.

And here’s the good news: the boss, Hamaguchi Daisuke, is now based in Singapore so you might get your mane styled by him if you’re lucky. Here are six reasons why you’ll enjoy the Number76 experience.

  1. They go the extra mile to ensure a pleasant experience

    Sometimes, accidents do happen – blotches of hair dye get onto your bag, the bleaching comb flies out of the hairstylist’s hand, you spill the cup of tea… the possibilities are endless. It’s a recipe for an unpleasant experience, but Number76 takes the effort to prevent such occurrences by providing a dust bag for you to place your bag in, so it doesn’t get damaged due to accidents.
  1. They served Biscoff Caramalised Biscuit
    A few minutes after you’ve made yourself comfortable in your seat, the staff will serve you a cup of green tea and a piece of Biscoff Caramalised Biscuit. That’s enough to get our stamp of approval.
  1. The Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash is effective

    This process is similar to your regular hair wash – only, it uses carbonated water. The hairstylist will then scoop up a cup of water that contains oil and dirt that were washed off your scalp (probably to make us think, “We walked around with those?”) – be prepared for a shocker. I used a deep-cleansing shampoo for three consecutive days before the treatment (don’t ask why), yet I still spotted oil and a lot of dirt. But don’t worry about the water leaving your scalp too dry because it removes excess oil from the scalp, while leaving the natural oils to ensure your scalp remains healthy. Top up $15 for the Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash – you won’t regret it.
  1. The Ultrasonic Iron Treatment leaves your hair super soft. Like really, really soft

    Anyone who has seen my unstyled hair can probably attest to the fact that it looks – and feels – like hay. Which was no surprise, considering I’ve bleached the ends thrice. But all that changed after the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment. It makes use of a cold, flat iron-esque tool, which utilises intense vibrations to help the treatment penetrate better into your hair. The three-step process is surprisingly simple and speedy – sans time taken for hair wash. And the best thing is, the effect of the treatment lasts up to a month. If we can wake up to soft and shiny hair every morning, we’ll gladly shell out the money. Prices start from $90.
  1. They have an array of hair colours, from natural to funky
    It’s not easy to have funky shades without damaging your tresses, but Number76 certainly lives up to their rave reviews. Whether you want bright colours (we saw a blogger getting her tresses dyed bright purple) or subtle ashy tones, they’ll definitely have a colour that you’ll fall in love with. If you can’t decide between two colours, they also have awesome blends like pink brown. If all else fails, just consult the experienced stylists for advice. Rates for colouring start from $70 (for touch-up).
  1. The service is impeccable
    The service is everything you’d expect from a Japanese salon – the staff is polite, attentive and friendly. Every time a customer goes back to his or her seat from the washing area, the staff says, “Otsukare sama deshita”, which means, “You’ve worked hard” – although I didn’t do anything but lie down and had my hair washed.

Number 76 also offers other treatments, such as the Milbon Aqua Smooth Veil, as well as rebonding and perming services. Visit their website for more information.