7 Common Mistakes You Make While Curling Your Hair

You want curly hair but you don’t really want it permanently. We totally understand. Which is why you probably resort to using curling tongs regularly. But are you doing it right? Here are a few common mistakes that even the best of us make.

  1. Curling damp hair
    We’ve said it before but your tools shouldn’t go anywhere near damp or wet hair. If you hear a sizzling sound that’s not coming from your stove or coffeemaker, or see steam rising… that’s bad news.
  2. Curling in one direction
    Curl each section in alternate directions. And by that, we mean the direction in which you’re wrapping your hair around the rod – clockwise and anti-clockwise. This creates a more natural finish.
  3. Curling too close to your hairline
    Unless you’re going for the sixties look, avoid rolling the curling iron all the way to your hairline (you could risk burning your skin too).
  4. Not using a heat protectant
    Regular curling and straightening of hair using hairstyling tools can damage your tresses. Hence, it’s important to protect your hair by using a heat protectant before styling.
  5. Leaving hair on the tongs for too long
    Generally, you only need to curl each part for no more than a few seconds. Heating your strands for too long will not make your curls last longer – it will only damage your hair.
  6. Curling a thick section at a time
    If you don’t have time to curl your hair, go for overnight buns. Curling a huge chunk at one go will not speed up the process. Instead, you’ll find yourself having to re-curl some parts because the heat didn’t reach those strands. And don’t even think about leaving it on longer just because you’re curling a thicker section. Refer to the previous point.
  7. Wrapping your hair too loosely around the tongs
    If you want bigger curls, go for curling tongs that has a larger rod circumference. Wrapping your hair loosely doesn’t help – in fact, you’ll end up creating waves (or kinks) instead of curls – if the heat reaches those sections at all.

Image: serezniy / 123RF.com

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