We’ve heard enough about the benefits olive oil have on our health, but did you know it has a multitude of beauty uses as well? From your hair down to your feet, olive oil can give your entire beauty routine a new edge.  We highly recommend using organic olive oil and you don’t have to scrimp on this because a little goes a very long way!

  1. DIY hair mask
    Whisk two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and comb the mixture through your hair. Leave it in for 20 minutes before washing it off as per usual. Voila – silky and shiny tresses! Yes, it’s as easy as that.
  2. Eye makeup remover
    There’s a plethora of eye makeup removers in the market, but why spend your cash on those when you already have a natural and equally effective alternative in your pantry? All you need is some olive oil and water – easy peasy. Check out beauty guru Michelle Phan’s tutorial: 
  3. Lip scrub
    Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with one or two drops of olive oil. Rub the scrub on your lips and massage it for a minute. Remove the paste with a damp towel. Keep the rest of the mixture in a small bottle for future use.
  4. Body scrub
    Combine one-and-a-half cups of brown sugar with half cup of olive oil. Add one tablespoon of essence of your choice and mix well. Scrub it all over your arms and legs once or twice a week to exfoliate your skin. Want to make more scrubs? Click here for more DIY recipes!

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  1. Makeup brush cleaner
    No, a daily brush cleaner is not enough to get rid of all the gunk in your makeup brushes. Mix one teaspoon of olive oil with three teaspoons of hand soap in a small bowl and dip your brushes in this concoction before swirling each brush on your palm to get rid of the impurities. Rinse each brush thoroughly by swirling them in a similar pattern under running water. Squeeze the bristles to get rid of excess water before letting them air dry.
  2. Nail strengthener
    Soak your nails in warm olive oil for 10 minutes and you’ll find your nails and cuticles less brittle afterwards. Do this once a week for better results!
  3. Remedy for cracked heels
    Gently massage some olive oil onto the cracked areas for 10 minutes and wear a pair of thick socks over them for an hour before washing the oil off. Repeat for a few days for soothed and happy heels!

Image: Luis Carlos Jimenez Del Rio / 123RF.com
Text: Liu Kai Ying