Between work and play and more work, who’s got time to take one or two hours out of their schedule for a facial? Thankfully the perfect skincare solution to our time-strapped days is here and the best part is — it comes from a brand that understands us lazy girls intimately.

allies of skin

Homegrown brand Allies of Skin, famed for their one tube solutions like the 1A All-Day Mask has now created the world’s first hydrating Hypoallergenic chemical peel that does the dual job of exfoliating the skin while giving it an intense hydration boost. The best part is this peel doesn’t dry out your skin. Instead the Bright Future Overnight Facial infuses it with moisture and nutrients with the promise of improving skin texture in two to three nights of continuous use.

Bright Future Overnight Future

It also contains Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid to remove dead skin cells and speed up cellular renewal while strengthening the skin. It’s main ingredient, Ally-R™ , is an encapsulated form of stabilized retinol that acts like an all-in-one skin saviour, tackling acne to wrinkles to sun damage.

Bright Future Overnight Facial ($159) / 50ml is available at