WTF Are Ampoules And Do I Really Need Them?


The world of skincare products can be great fun because the options and combinations are endless. Since our skin condition varies according to our hormones, age, habits and even the climate we are living in, there is never a fixed regime we can follow day after day without switching things up to meet the demands of our skin. While we might alternate between different serums and creams, there’s also another product category that is designed specifically to treat specific skin concerns with quick, visible results from the very first application—ampoules.

Commonly confused with serums, ampoules do in fact, share some similarities with serums. For example, both ampoules and serums are usually the most concentrated in active ingredients. Plus, they also tend to be more fluid and lightweight in texture, and both were designed to be applied before moisturiser.

However, there are some key differences between serums and ampoules. For starters, ampoules are designed for single use while serums usually last about two to three months. And while also highly concentrated in active ingredients, ampoules usually contain less percentage of preservatives, which explains why they should be quickly used up to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.

So when should we use an ampoule in place of a regular serum? The answer is simple: Since ampoules deliver fast-acting results, their efficacy are usually instantly visible, so you should switch to ampoules when you’re targeting a specific skincare concern. For example, if you have a big event in a week, try using a set of ampoules daily for a week instead of your regular serum to get your skin in tip-top condition. Alternatively, if you just returned home from a business trip and your skin is experiencing a flare-up, use a soothing ampoule instead of your regular serum to restore balance to your skin. Scroll through the gallery to see six of the best ampoules to try out for all your skin concerns.

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