As much as we fear oils on our face and hair, the benefits they offer should prompt us to re-look at our beauty habits. You’ve probably seen and tried face and hair oils, but the latest beauty slicker in town is lip oils that are moisturising and tinted. What we love most about the new lip hybrids is that they are non-sticky, deliver long-lasting shine and leave a luscious pout. So how about swapping your gloss for one of these nourishing tubes for instant moisture and glossy shine?

You may also want to try applying it on other parts of your body.

Consider oils your new hydrators. As oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deeper into the skin as well as keep water and other moisturising goodies in. Although many still shun from oils for fear of shine or being too rich for the skin, the new generation oils are now cosmetically refined and light enough to use even under foundation. The make perfect solutions for every skin need, from dry and rough to dull and tired skin. Hair oils have also been known to be one of the best ways to repair dry, frizzy locks. All you need to remember is that a small amount goes a long way and the best way to use oils is to warm them in your hands before application.

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Text: Cynthia Chew
Images: Clarins