17 Reasons Why You Should Take A Break From Booze

We love Happy Hour and TGIFs, but that doesn’t mean we need to drink every other day.

Sure, it’s hard to say no to a (free) drink, but here are reasons why you should go on a booze fast (nope, it’s not permanent).

1. Your face will begin to clear up instantly and all the spots you dreaded seeing every time you looked in the mirror disappear!
2. You’ll have more money since you stopped throwing away your money on booze.
3. No more hangovers!
4. You’ll actually remember your night outs instead of hopelessly trying to piece the events together.
5. The number on the weighing scale immediately decreases due to skipping out on all those alcohol calories and not calling McDelivery after a night out.
6. You’ll sleep better, which means you’ll feel more refreshed in the morning.
7. Your immune system will thank you.
8. So will your liver.
9. In fact, by stopping drinking, it’ll decrease your chances of developing cancer, heart disease, stroke, cirrhosis of liver, obesity and respiratory illness.
10. You’ll be more productive on weekends instead of pathetically sitting at a bar wasting your time.
11. Your new heels will love the way you take care of them and will not break only after a week of purchase because of your drunken state makes you fall all over the place.
12. You’ll realise that you don’t need booze to have fun.
13. Not only will your body feel healthier and stronger, your mind will as well.
14. Other aspects of your life improve too, including your relationships, your career and your emotional well-being.
15. You’ll live longer! Statistics show that the average lifespan of a chronic alcoholic is 10 to 20 years shorter than a non-alcoholic.
16. Your sex life will improve since alcohol diminishes sexual performance for men and orgasm quality for women.
17. Alcohol often increases symptoms of depression or causes it, after stopping, you’ll just naturally feel happier, lighter and more optimistic and better about life overall.

Text: Irina Bondar
Images: PaylessImages / 123RF.com, Arina Zaiachin / 123RF.com

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