We’ve been taught to moisturise our skin AM and PM. Once in the morning to help the skin build a stronger skin barrier as we battle the day’s stresses, environmental elements like pollutants and the constant change in temperature as we zip in and out of air-conditioned buildings, etc. At night, after the day’s battle, we need to recharge, repair and revitalise our skin as we rest. So if you think that by skipping out on one of these skincare routines, think again about what you’re putting your skin through. But even then, this may not be enough for some — especially those who suffer from constant dehydration or skin dryness. This is where facial mists come in to give a complete 24/7 hydration. Facial mists are not new but of late, more and more brands are coming up with one that’s power-packed to help us tackle the heat as well as to give our skin an extra hydrating boost wherever we are.

Text: Cynthia Chew
Image: paolopagani / 123RF.com