When I was 21, the world was my oyster and I just did whatever I like, not worrying about how my skin was going to look in 20 years’ time. And when I look at my dad now, he hardly has any deep wrinkles even at the tender age of 81. I am pretty sure that I’ve got good genes on my side. But this doesn’t mean that I can look 25 forever. If you’re worried about how your skin will age, take a good look at your parents now – are they looking good for their age? Another way is to do a quick self-check: are you exercising (or keeping active), eating right, managing stress well, getting enough sleep, consuming enough water, taking care of your skin? If you can put a tick to at least three of them, then I’d say you’re still alright. Meanwhile, there are ways to help yourself look and feel younger for longer.

Text: Cynthia Chew
Image: Wavebreak Media Ltd
/ 123RF.com