The general rule for beauty is that in order for something to be beautiful, there must be symmetry. You can see this clearly in architecture and nature, but it also extends to human beauty — just look at the world’s top influencers and models today. 

And there’s actually math behind this symmetry. It’s called the golden ratio, it measures 1:1.618. It’s also generally applicable to everything, including your face. 

Recently, Merz Aesthetics ran a competition to find the woman with the most beautifully, proportionate face in Singapore. Using a specially-built calipre (think a golden X) they demonstrated how her face was perfectly symmetrical. While I was impressed with Nurin Nisha M. Heallmy’s features, I didn’t really think it would be applicable to most.

So as a test, I decided to put my face (and my self-esteem) forward for Dr. Joyce Lim of Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic to analyse and find out how symmetrical my face really was. 

So besides a slightly big nose (and definite wonky eye that Dr. Lim didn’t think was important) my face it turns out, is surprisingly symmetrical. One of the interesting things she pointed out, was that even though symmetry is generally associated with beauty, imperfections are also important, and shouldn’t be discounted when it comes to looking good. Whether that means your lips disporpotionally large to the rest of your face, or your eyes are too small, it doesn’t necessarily mean it makes you unattractive (scientifically).

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The experience genuinely surprised me, I hadn’t expected it to come out from it with such positive results. We’ve all got insecurities about how we look, and I’m no exception. I’m definitely no supermodel, but it was nice to hear how symmetrical my face was. If nothing else I can now go around telling people that I’m beautiful — according to science — who wouldn’t want to be able to say that?

But also I think this proves is that it’s really not that hard to be symmetrical. And that can only be good for anyone who’s a little self concious or unsure about their looks.