Beauty Vlogger Had The Best Response To Fan Who Wants To Look Like Her

What do you do when someone praises you for your “au naturel” look when you had, in fact, done everything from applying BB cream to doing eyebrow embroidery to achieve the supposedly “#iwokeuplikethis” look?

Lashed out and Cabo baecay (LOL f me I really need to quit that term) ready ☀️??

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After Canadian YouTuber Gina Shkeda posted a selfie on Instagram, a fan, Paige Matthews, tweeted the social media influencer and said she wished she could wake up looking as beautiful as her, while hashtagging “natural beauty”.

Instead of simply lapping up the compliment, Gina got real and said, “Girl, I have micro-bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections.” She added, presumably referring to Paige reference to her waking up beautiful, “I don’t even look like this.”

She even threw in a compliment for Paige, ending her tweet with, “You’re flawless.”

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A lot of people lauded her for her honesty.

While the use of Photoshop and filters is common among social media influencers, not many would admit to have injections or procedures done, unless they’re sponsored.

But let’s be real, you don’t need lip injections and micro-bladed brows to be more beautiful. Sure, they can make you feel more confident, but natural beauty is just as beautiful.

Image: Gina Shkeda’s Instagram

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