Here’s Why Eco Luxury Is The Next Big Trend In Beauty

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

We are seeing more and more holistic products that are good for the earth as well as for us. Products that feature ingredients that are natural, gentle yet effective for us, do come with a price. But are they all worth the splurge? The best thing to do is get to know these beauty labels and find out what they’re all about. To be honest, they all sound so good you’ll want to take each of them home right now!

Ecoluxury Beauty by Luxasia

This carefully curated category of beauty labels essentially aims to bring you beauty in nature’s best. As such, the brands selected have a similar identity, that is, they formulate their products with pure, clean, and natural ingredients. Aside from this, the brands are also luxurious, as can be seen in the aesthetics, packaging and texture of the products.

“There is definitely a heightened awareness surrounding health and wellness, and we see an increasing trend of consumers looking for something different. Consumers now are more educated and conscious of what they consume and we hope these curated range of brands enhance their lifestyle of holistic natural beauty” says Shan Chen, General Manager of Luxasia Singapore, Skincare & Cosmetics.

A quick look at the brands that are now available at TANGS Plaza, level 4.

Bjork & Berries

A Swedish botanical skincare and perfume house that started as a small project combining centuries-old Swedish natural beauty traditions based on local flora – wild herbs, plants and berries – with advanced technology to create highly effective modern beauty products. Ecology is at the heart of their ethos – every formula is designed to deliver maximum beauty benefits with minimal amount of ingredients in order to streamline your beauty routine. Their ingredients are 95-100% natural, 10-75% certified organic and hand-picked.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

Eve Lom

It started with their Cleanser that is the fundamental to achieving a glowing complexion. With over 25 years of expertise, they utilise the highest quality ingredients in the most active formulations, combining the best botanicals that nature has to offer with sophisticated science.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

Kat Burki

Kat Burki uses Applied Nutritional Sciences to deliver the most effective formulations for the skin through technology and cutting-edge nutritional research and concepts. Products are extremely nutrient dense without the use of any fillers including water. In lieu of water, Kat Burki utilises her trademarked signature blend that has an anti-inflammatory base to help stimulate collagen production, increase microcirculation, while working as an antibacterial and strengthening capillary walls. She also implemented the first certified Cold-Processing technology to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain maximal effectiveness.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

May Coop

A sap expert brand from Korea that features 100% sap from trees rather than water in all their products. Their bestseller is Raw Sauce, a beauty essence that composes of seven shoot extracts to help activate your skin’s vitality. Structured in similar size as moisture molecules in human skin, the maple tree sap blend will revitalise your dull and dormant skin with vitality.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury


A high performing skincare line that has become a cult favourite amongst beauty editors and consumers since its launch in 2000. It features the latest hi-tech actives that are 100% plant and mineral derived and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

Pestle & Mortar

An Irish family-owned beauty company that was founded in early 2014 featuring a line of no-fuss skincare products that are formulated as stand-alone products and are free of harsh chemicals and worrisome ingredients. What this means is that you won’t find Hyaluronic Acid in any of their other products as there is ample amount of HA active in the serum, so that they can concentrate on unique actives for every product making sure your skin is benefiting from an abundance of goodness.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury


The Sans [ceuticals] collection is pure and clean, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Sans concentrates your daily beauty regime to a concise selection of multifunctional, considered, highly effective products. Effective and essential, the collection has been designed to perform on multiple levels without compromise, reducing clutter and therefore encouraging sustainability.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

Here are some other labels available online that you may want to check out:

Luxe Botanics

To create skincare for the wellness conscious woman. Founded by Jené Roestorf, who was born in South Africa, Luxe Botanics was founded based on her belief that there is great power at the intersection of science and nature and is inspired by her African roots, scientific training and passion for conscious innovation. Jené’s close ties to nature ensure Luxe Botanics looks after the earth by using certified organic, wild harvested ingredients. In partnership with Buy1GIVE1, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation, with every purchase, Luxe Botanics gives back in a meaningful way to local communities in Africa. Luxe Botanics has three Core Botanicals – Marula Oil from Kenya, Camu camu berry from Brazil and Kigelia africana from Malawi.

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury


This homegrown label by founder Cissy Chen features products with top-grade natural active ingredients carefully sourced from different parts of the world, packed with genuine benefits and contain no harmful chemicals. Unlike mass-produced skincare which contains chemicals to extend the product shelf life, only small batches are created each time to ensure quality and freshness. Their ingredients are 100% natural, 100% non-GMO (Genetic Modified Organism), 100% Organic (no harmful pesticides or chemical throughout farming process), 100% paraben-free (harmful chemical commonly found in many cosmetic products) and 100% against animal testing, and are certified organic by international organisations United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Beauty's Latest Trend: Eco Luxury

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