Could selfies be damaging your skin?

We all know that being addicted to things is bad. But is a selfie addiction actually going to harm your skin? 

That’s what 26 year-old blogger, Mehreen Baig, suggests. The 26 year-old takes up to 50 selfies a day for her lifestyle blog. And the Valencia-loving selfie addict was perfectly happy until she started noticing trouble spots on her skin.

“From freckles on my cheeks to larger pores than usual to dark circles under my eyes – it was time to stop relying on make-up to paint over the reality,” she wrote, in an article for the Daily Mail.

After reading about the potential effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) light Mehreen decided to pay the dermatologist a visit. Also known as blue light, it is emitted in high levels by laptops, smartphones and electronic screens. The dermatologist pinpointed three main factors that cause skin aging – pollution, sun damage and HEV light damage.

We already worry about the first two… but is HEV light something we really need to add to the list? 

An article on Hello Giggles on the same subject suggests that HEV light is not a major cause for concern right now. The studies that suggest there is a link between skin aging and HEV light also list UV light as a source of damage, and are not able to distinguish between the two.

Meanwhile, dermatologists consulted by Refinery29 say to be skeptical about products that claim to be able to block HEV light, as not enough research has been done yet. But, they acknowledge that we do not know enough about the effects of HEV light to rule out the dangers entirely.

So to be safe, everybody just sit back from your laptops and phone screens a little bit more. After all, researchers suggest that at the very least, blue HEV light is quite certainly doing damage to your eyes and disrupting your sleep patterns


Text: Kit Chua
Images: Branislav Ostojic/

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