15 Emergency Treatments For Different Skin Conditions

Your skin condition is pretty much like your hair. Even if you have perfect skin, you can’t escape from “bad skin days”. While it’s easy to put on a cap to cover a bad hair day, it’s not that easy when it comes to your skin condition, especially because it might affect how your makeup turns out like.

While there is nothing wrong with going around with a pimple or dehydrated skin, if you do need an emergency treatment because you have an important event or date, we’re here to help you out.

If you woke up to… a pimple
Pimples seem to appear at the most inopportune moments, like right before a big event. But instead of picking on it in hopes that it will go away, try putting spot treatments to dry it up.

If you woke up to… red, blotchy skin
Redness is not easy to conceal– unless you use a colour corrector on your whole face. Instead of getting stressed out and making it worse, calm your skin down with these products.

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If you woke up to… dry, flaky skin around your nose
Don’t you hate it when your skin looks smooth and flawless until you spot the flaky skin around your nose? As tempting as it may seem, avoid tugging on the dry skin because it might cause bleeding. Instead, use these products to get rid of it.

If you woke up to… to dehydrated skin
There are just some days when your skin decides that it needs more hydration than usual – and drinking two litres of water may not an immediate effect. Give your skin an intensive dose of hydration with these products.

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