I Agreed To Have A Blade Put To My Face All In The Name Of Beauty

The CLEO team comes up with some weird and wacky things to try. Fresh off my experience with fat freezing, I was feeling quite gung-ho when the team suggested a story on face shaving. So I volunteered, thinking it would basically be like getting my eyebrows threaded. A little googling told me this was not the case, and that it actually involved a blade. On your face. Um what?

I reached out to The Clifford Clinic in Raffles Place who offer the service under it’s more professional name – dermaplaning. I was told that it’s actually a very technical process and therefore only medical clinics can offer it. While it’s pretty popular in the States, it has yet to really catch on in Singapore. A blade to the face is probably not the easiest thing to sell after all…

Once at the clinic, I removed all my makeup, cleansed my face and headed to the treatment room where I proceeded to ask my therapist a bunch of questions about the knife. Usually I like to talk to therapists during facials, to learn what’s going on. But with a blade to my face that was clearly not going to happen. Scroll through to see what happened next (and the results!)

You’re recommended to avoid exfoliating at home for the next one or two weeks and can return for dermaplaning once a month (like a facial). You can also apply makeup immediately after a treatment (and head back to work) as it’s non-invasive. So as an alternative to mid-day facial, this is pretty efficient. I ended up not waiting two weeks to give myself a more traditional exfoliation, but as you can see from my after picture, it didn’t seem to make a difference. I guess the important thing is to do what you know your skin can handle.

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You can try dermaplaning for around $300 at The Clifford Clinic, 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621

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