This Korean Nail Artist Created Diamonds On Nails And It Looks Amazing

Our favourite Korean nail artist, Park Eunkyung, or best known as @nail_unistella on Instagram, is back with another amazing creation. This time round, she created diamonds on nails. But no, it doesn’t involve the use of real diamonds. Rather, she made use of tiny pieces of cellophane paper to create the gem-like effect.


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If you don’t fancy the wispy effect of the cellophane paper, you can paste it on your nail, and then draw the outline of a diamond using a nail art pen, like she did for InStyle magazine.

Apart from diamonds, she also created what she dubbed as “gold bar nails”, which looks as luxe as its name.

GOLDBAR #goldbarnail ??? #24knail ????

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This looks a bit more complex to recreate, but we reckon a quick way to copy this style would be to cut up gold cellophane paper (or a sheet of gold foil) to cover your nail bed, and then make little incisions to mimic the edges of a gold bar.

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Well, if you can’t own gold bars, at least you can have (fake) gold bars on your nails.

The Korea-based nail artist has been featured multiple times on international media platforms for her works, which included glass nails and the cuticle nail art trend. Follow her on Instagram here.

Images: Nail_Unistella’s Instagram


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