How Popping A Pimple Will Scar You For Life

Please do not try this at home.

How Popping A Pimple Will Scar You For Life

I’m one of those blessed with relatively good skin because I have never suffered from pubescent acne. But that does not mean that I do not get the occasional zit in my adult life. When that happens, it’s often a disaster due to my lack of experience and mis-management of the situation.

We’ve often been told not to pop our pimples. Yet we still do it – including yours truly. So why do I do it knowing well the consequences? Like most (I suspect), we just can’t stand the sight of a growth on our faces be it in the form of a little red bump or large red nodule. So the first thing we want to do is to squeeze the bump to death. Although I’ve tried to do it as safely as possible by using a tissue instead of my finger nails to squeeze, it’s still not a smart thing to do.

Just look at the scars on my chin the next time you’re tempted to prick your pimple and you’ll thick twice.

How Popping A Pimple Will Scar You For Life

According to dermatologists, significant acne scarring is often caused by pimple popping, probing and squeezing. This is because beneath the skin lies the awful mix of acne bacteria or germs and sebum. When the pimple has been pricked, the skin thickens or darkens in an attempt to protect itself from the injury and this leads to a flat brown stain / discoloration / pigmentation that is very hard to get rid of. In a worst case scenario of the skin attempting to heal itself, the body naturally produces collagen at the site which can lead to scar contraction where the skin surface caves in (aka facial craters), resulting in sunken acne scar.

How Popping A Pimple Will Scar You For Life

Thank goodness for concealers nobody needs to know the beauty sins I’ve committed.

The best way to treat your acne is to not touch it and consider these home treatments to keep your pores healthy and spots at bay.

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