Love watching beauty reviews and makeup tutorials on YouTube? Then you’d be familiar with Nikkie de Jager, or better known as NikkieTutorials on social media. The 25-year-old Dutch has been vlogging since she was 14, starting out in her room and vlogging in English despite it not being her first language. She started working as a professional makeup artist in 2011 and continued doing so for years while also pursuing a career as a beauty influencer.

In 2015, one of her videos, “The Power of Makeup”, went viral, catapulting her into the global spotlight.

Earlier this year, she added another notch in her belt: she was appointed the Global Artistry Advisor of Marc Jacobs Beauty, a role created just for her by the brand.

Earlier this week, the beauty influencer was in Singapore to promote two new products: Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick and Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder. We stole a few moments with the affable star—who is super tall—to get beauty tips and find out more about her videos.

I’m gonna dive into what you’re here to talk about: the Accomplice range. The Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick allows you to touch-up makeup midday but when you add products on full makeup mid-day, there’s a risk that it will look cakey. Do you have any tips to prevent it from caking?

Well, that’s why the Accomplice concealer is so good because you can pop it over set skin. It’s so beautiful because if you’re not wearing anything it looks good. Because you pop it on, you tap it in and it looks flawless. But the beauty behind this is even though you are wearing powder, I feel like this is the first creamy product that looks good on top of powder product. You know the over make up rule, never put cream on a dry face. I feel like this is the first product that can handle it, without it becoming cakey. So as long as you got this, I don’t think you have to do anything special—it works, just make sure you set it with powder again (laughs).


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Do you use it with your fingers or do you use a brush?

When I’m not wearing makeup, so when I pop it on a clean face, I use my fingers and when I have my full face on, I use a tiny little pencil brush.

I have a huge dark circles problem. Personally, I always find it hard to conceal my dark circles and have it look natural instead of full-coverage, especially when I’m using a light coverage foundation. Do you have any tips for a natural finish using the Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick?

So for dark circles, I feel it is very important to always have moisture. So I would say always start off with a bit of Youthquake—it’s like the perfect first step, it gives you that moisture, it has pineapple enzymes to take care for dead skin cells, it’s amazing. Then go in with your foundation, do your thing, then go in with the Accomplice and the beauty behind it is you can use a bit more without it going too far. So pop it in on the darkest spots, and I always say, let it sit for a little bit, and I know it’s so unnatural to let it sit for a while and bake for a bit and after about two minutes, start tapping it in with your finger or your brush or a sponge and it gets it for you. Then, if you still need more, only pop the tiniest bit on the darkest part, and that’s how you start layering up to hide the darkness. And then of course, always set with powder. Always. You can use the Accomplice powder, it has a blurring agency in it so it gets rid of the fine lines, it’s beautiful for that but we also got the loose powder here which is great, it has a little bit of a sheen to it too.

You started out as a teenager doing videos in your room and now you are working with Marc Jacobs. How does that feel?

It feels incredible, it’s so surreal that I was 14 when I started, in my room and it is incredible to what has become nowadays. I mean I’m in Singapore, what is happening to my life?

In one of your earlier videos, you mentioned that English wasn’t your first language and that your family didn’t know you were recording your videos in English. How did you manage to get so fluent and know exactly the beauty terms to use? I mean, even for non-beauty persons who speak English, getting beauty terms right can be a challenge.

The first video I ever watched was by Sandy Gold—she was an American. And then I found out about this whole makeup tutorial world and I was like, they were all Americans. So I was like, I guess that’s what I gotta do! So I started watching all the videos and I was like I really got to crank up my English now. I’ve always watched English TV shows as a kid but never really paid attention to like the way they spoke. And then I would watch movies and find an accent that I liked, and I would rewind and then repeat and then rewind and repeat and rewind and repeat. So, for example, the influencer, Desi Perkins. A lot of people say black like black, Desi says “blhack”, with a “ha”. I like the way she said it so I was like go back. And I said it with her. So my entire English is like random words from random people, all put together. So that’s how I do it. Whenever I hear a word and I like the way they say it, well, that’s how I’m going to say it now.


You’re all about the highlight. Can you give us tips on how to make the most out of Dew Drops?

Dew drops are incredible. A couple of my favourite ways to use it is if you have your foundation, mix in one drop to get that glow and that gives your entire complexion that sort of like glowy finish. Then, you can take it on your brush or your finger. Tap it on. Tap, tap, tap, tap to set it. Then set it with a shimmering highlight or an eyeshadow and you’re set for days. It’s like so beautiful. And you know the spots, do the top of the cheeks the top of the nose bridge, basically the entire face.

Would you recommend to apply it all over your face when you mix it in with your foundation for the glow?

Yeah, but mix it in with your foundation. So don’t apply foundation first and apply that all over your face. When you put the foundation at the back of your hand, add a little bit in there, mix it in and it gives you that glow. Even though you don’t need it in this weather here. You need a lot of powder here.

Glowy products tend to accentuate acne and acne scars. How can people with acne who want a glowy finish be able to achieve it?

I think one mistake that a lot of people with acne problem skin is that they go all matte which makes it look super cakey. And of course because it’s an insecurity as well—“I have all this texture, I have a problem skin, I wanna hide it.” But again, Desi Perkins did a great video on how when you have acne problem skin or scarred skin, the problem is you want to hide it all. But when you add that luminosity, people tend to look at the glow more than the texture, like oh my god, “Your glow is so beautiful today.” And they are like, “I can see a little bit of texture but that’s fine because you’re glowing.” So I think the one trick is to not to be too scared of the glow. Always keep it moderate, keeping it in good terms. And the Accomplice powder has a blurring agency in it, like I said. This has that sort of veil of like blurriness so pop it on you most pores areas so I pop it where I have the most pores and it kind of just blurs it all. So don’t be afraid of the glow and use Accomplice powder.


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What are your top five favourite Marc Jacobs products?

Oh my gosh! In random order, let’s say, Highliners. These will stay with you forever, so pop this on your waterline, use this as an eyeshadow base, use this as a liner. These are totally budge-proof, will stay on you under you take them off. I love Youthquake—that’s the first step. Of course, Accomplice concealer, Accomplice powder. That leaves me with one, right? This is the colour Cream and Sugar Enamored Lip Lacquer. It’s insane. I mean it’s like, “Hello it’s a party”. So that’s my favourite gloss.


Do you use it as a top coat or do you use it on its own?

Both. So on my clean days where I just have a little bit of concealer on, I pop this on for a nice little shimmer. But on my full days, it’s like a top where it’s like, hello! (Laughs)

You’ve worked with numerous celebrities in your Side by Side series. What was the most useful beauty tip you picked out from any of them?

When I did my video with Jessie J, she mentioned how she doesn’t prime. I still don’t know how she does it. And I’m like, “What do you mean you don’t prime? Like you’re dancing on stage, what do you do to make it stay?” And she calls it sandwiching. So what she does is, instead of primer, she pops powder on her skin, then does foundation and then does concealer then powder again then setting spray and then powder again and then setting spray. So it’s like sandwich upon sandwich upon sandwich, it’s like layering all the products to make them stay. And when she said that, I was like, “Damn girl, you could avoid all of that by just applying a bit of primer.” But it’s interesting, I haven’t tried it yet because my heart is devoted to primer, but I should try it one day.

What have you learnt as a content producer, over the years, and are you able to tell what videos will do well and what videos will just do relatively well?

Oh my gosh, it’s so hard, because you know YouTube is like Russian roulette, you never know where it’s going to end. I will make one video and I’m like this is going to do exceptionally well, like I upload it and be like this is going to get so many views and then I look back in an hour and I’m like and we flopped. So like literally, YouTube is so, you never know, you never know. I think the one key is to just create in what you believe in. So I, myself, this year, I started to work with Marc Jacobs and well, I’ve done this for 11 years, this year is my 11th year of doing YouTube. You know what? We’ve done it all, I’ve been in my studio for 10 years, we need to change it up a bit. So this year, we’re making a couple of new series—we’re almost making TV for the internet. So we’re creating something called Glow Around The World so I travel around the world, I meet a lot of amazing, inspiring people and they show me their country and they show me their makeup, their food, their fun activities and that is a way to completely follow your heart to create what you love, but still keep it challenging and exciting. And I think as soon as people see that, they start watching because they see your passion. When they see like a dead soul sitting in front of the camera saying, “Hello, I’m here to do my makeup tutorial again,” nobody’s gonna enjoy that. So always follow your heart and do what you believe in and then I think the views will come and YouTube will be nice and put you in a nice algorithm. You didn’t get that from me. (Laughs)

So your new series is more like a lifestyle series?

No, it’s different from what I’ve ever done before. It’s like go around the world and we have three segments. For Face, we do our makeup and look at the beauty standards of that country. And then we do Food, so we eat food that is like well-known in that country. And then Fun, which is always a surprise to me—I never know what we are doing. The host—the famous influencer or creator from the country—comes out with something and then we do it. It’s incredible. We’re shooting one next week.

It hasn’t been released, has it?

No, it’s gonna be in Fall. You’re the first to hear that. You’re the first.

What other lessons have you learnt as a content producer?

I’ve learnt to be considerate of what you want to put out there. You know it’s the internet. You know what they always say. All the parents always tell their kids, “Whatever you put out there, is never going to get removed.” And it’s true. Whatever you say, whatever you do, it’s always going to stay there. So always be considerate of what you want to put out. So personally don’t cuss, a lot. I mean I cuss when I go out but I’m not known for using like those words. I think it is important to create a vision for yourself that you’re comfortable with and sticking with it.