We’ve seen more people embracing curves in 2017 – but not exactly those curves you have in mind. Squiggle brows, the latest blogger-induced beauty trend all over the ’gram, are sending waves across the globe and provoking a spate of mixed reactions (and a lot of backlash).

Perfectly-arched brows face a serious threat with the rebellious new trend which sees brows that are shaped into a couple of tildes (the name for ~~) across the forehead.

Forget barbed-wire brows, feather brows or holographic brows. The new squiggle brows will certainly take the cake in being the oddest of the lot. But we’ve got to give it to those who’ve tried it. Though this trend is anything but natural, it’s definitely innovative and requires skills to execute it (not talking about Photoshop skills, yeah).

Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has been credited with kick-starting the trend on Instagram after coming across an edited photo of a wavy eyebrow look.

Thankfully, there’s no need to whip out your tweezers and bid farewell to your brows forever. According to Popsugar, Promise started by using washable PVA glue to flatten all her brow hair in one direction, followed by using concealer to hide her hair. She then applied setting and pressed powders to further conceal any hint of her real brows. To draw on the tildes, she mixed a black gel liner with brow pomade and glided it over her concealed brows.

Or if that’s too much of a hassle, you can head onto Photoshop and play around with Liquify for a less painstaking process.

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While there are many who’ve aggressively voiced out their distaste for the trend, many beauty bloggers and makeup artists have jumped on the squiggle brows bandwagon, letting creativity take the wheel with the unusual fad. Some have sported making waves with only the outer edge of their brows, while some have gone all out, toying with the ups and downs. To make a statement, you can also apply colourful eye makeup like a popping eyeshadow or rhinestones to complement the brows.

Sure, it’s an unusual fad but makeup is indeed a platform to let loose your creativity and experiment. That said, trends might not necessarily translate to practicality. In this case, the squiggly trend might just as well stay in the creative realms of Instagram or just be a novel Halloween makeup. I think I’m ready for brows to be on fleek again.