Spa Ceylon De-Stress Relaxing Body Cleanser (250ml), $34.90

You and your man might not agree on many things, but both of you are sure to love this body wash. Enriched with aloe vera and virgin coconut oil, you won’t need to worry about him complaining that the scent is too girly, and you can rest assured it will leave your skin soft 
and supple.

Unlike you, he might not care that Spa Ceylon draws upon ancient Ayurveda wisdom to create luxury products that soothe and calm the mind, body and soul, but he’ll definitely appreciate how relaxed and de-stressed he’ll feel after his shower. And hey, so will you. 

Rest and relax

Spa Ceylon De-Stress Calming Body Elixir (250ml), $39.90

You and your man had a long day, so relax and rejuvenate yourselves by using this hydrating elixir that contains powerful Ayurveda herbs and essential oils. Take deep whiffs of the calming frankincense to still your mind and forget the day’s worries. Use it together with him to spice things up!

Available at #01-43 Wisma Atria.