Long admired for their beauty, it was only a matter of time before a makeup brand drew inspiration from the famed cherry blossoms that have tourists flocking to Japan every spring. Enter ASTALIFT Lighting Perfection Powder Foundation SPF20PA++, which contains a key ingredient unique to the brand – Sakura Aura Powder. This light powder emulates the flower’s light-bending properties, giving you the appearance of smooth and translucent skin by distributing light evenly across your face. Lack of sleep causing a dull complexion? No matter. The velvety, long-wearing foundation also diffuses yellow light to make your face look brighter. It’s like you’re walking around with an automatic filter!

ASTALIFT Lighting Perfection Powder Foundation SPF20PA++, $59 (excluding case). Available in six shades: Pink Ochre, Ochre, Ochre 10, Ochre 20, Ochre 30, and Beige Ochre 00

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ASTALIFT Cleansing Oil (120ml), $42

The problem with waterproof or long-lasting makeup is that it can be really hard to remove. Give your skin a thorough cleanse with a cleansing oil, which blends with your makeup and draws out impurities and pore-clogging sebum. ASTALIFT Cleansing Oil also contains collagen and antioxidants like lycopene for added skincare benefits.

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