Targeted at repairing acne-prone skin, CrystalClear SkinSolution at SkinPerfect is a course of three 80-minute treatments, completed over a recommended period of 28 days. The first visit involves the Daily Dermal Renewal Sensitive Peel, a 5% A.H.A. peel that removes dead skin and softens whiteheads and blackheads for extraction. One week later, return for SkinSaver Solution, which deep cleanses and heals skin with High Frequency cleansing and LED Photomodulation therapy. The final visit brightens the skin and protects it against future breakouts with the LHE Biolucent Programme. And every step of the way, SkinPerfect’s therapists will monitor your skin condition to make sure you’re receiving the right treatment and getting the most effective results. Think clear skin is impossible to achieve? Not anymore.

SkinPerfect CrystalClear SkinSolution, $499 for three treatments in one month

Did you know?
These days, we’re all about instant gratification. But when it comes to a bad acne breakout, the truth is that slow and steady is what wins the race. That’s because different layers of skin need targeted treatment, which is why the CrystalClear SkinSolution is split into a series of treatments. Each step involves different aesthetic machines and technology to progressively activate each layer of skin. This is to ensure the highest treatment efficacy with each visit.

SkinPerfect is available at six locations islandwide. For more information, visit or call 6235 7377.

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