Have Oily Skin? You Will Love These Foundations

best matte foundations oily skin

Unless you’ve experienced extreme shine at 11am⁠—after having set your matte foundation with powder⁠—you won’t understand the struggles of maintaining a shine-free complexion in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. But ensuring your skin is shine-free is not as easy as slapping on any matte foundation for oily skin. You have to pick a foundation for oily skin that will give your skin adequate hydration to prevent your sebum glands from overproducing oil. You also have to find one that will prevent your complexion from looking too dewy⁠—because you would then look greasy by noon. And you have to find a matte foundation for oily skin that doesn’t dry out your skin even while keeping your complexion looking fresh and matte the entire day.

The struggle is real. But the two key things to look at when shopping for a foundation for oily skin is, one, go for a foundation with hydrating ingredients worked into its formula⁠—it will help stave off overactive sebum production. And two, pick a foundation with a breathable formula so it doesn’t suffocate your skin and make it produce more sebum. Here are the best matte foundations for oily skin.

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Text: Kayce Teo 
Image: Unsplash


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