If you have dry skin, chances are that a radiant complexion is high on your wishlist. And while the right skincare product is necessary, a great way to cheat that glow is by using a highlighter. LANEIGE Cushion Highlighter gives you the same dewy glow that your favourite K-Actress sports. Its winning formula contains moisture radiance particles that will not crease or emphasise any dry spots or fine lines on your skin. Plus, its unique cushion format means the product will adhere closely to your skin when applied with the puff, so your glow will look even more natural. Bonus: touch-ups are a breeze!

LANEIGE Cushion Highlighter (9g), $34

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LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel, $36

LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel is a high gloss, high concentration and highly moisturising lip colour that’s a must-have for any makeup enthusiast. Its intense and vivid colour payoff is thanks to a double-layer gel-forming technology that separates the colour and gloss. The result? Incredibly glossy and bold lips – the perfect finish to any makeup look.

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