Korean Sheet Masks for Every Skin Type and Skin Condition

korean sheet mask every skin type skin condition

You probably already know what your skin type is. It could be dry, combination or oily. But thanks to environmental factors, and lifestyle choices, your skin could be behaving in a way that is not typical to your skin type. For example, you could have dry skin and be battling acne. Or you could have oily skin that is dehydrated. The latter is your skin condition. Your skin condition could change from day to day or week to week or even month to month.

So it’s important to choose a sheet mask according to your skin type and condition. We’ve done the hard work for you to bring you the top sheet masks for each skin type and skin condition. These are the ones truly loved and highly rated by your glass-skinned unnis rather than by marketing agencies, so you can trust they’ll have your skin glowing in no time.

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Text: Kelly Im, Smita DeSouza

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