The trouble with oily skin lies in finding a suitable moisturiser that’ll keep your face hydrated without leaving a greasy finish. Go for the lightweight Derma-Rx Hydrator, which works effectively on both oily and normal skin to give you an instant boost of moisture while allowing your skin to breathe throughout the day. The best part? This cream gel also helps reduce the appearance of redness and actively protects your skin against free radicals. So go ahead and pamper your skin with Derma-Rx Hydrator – your skin will thank you later.

Derma-Rx Hydrator (30ml), $85

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Derma-Rx Comedone Formula (30ml), $89

Derma-Rx Comedone Formula reduces the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads by dissolving and softening them for clearer-looking skin. Made with natural botanical extracts, this unique formula also works to refine your pores and kick-start your journey to a flawless complexion.

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