Combination skin is probably the most confusing skin type. So, is your skin oily or dry? Well, it’s both. If you experience shine or excess oil on your T-zone and dryness on other areas, you probably have combination skin.

This skin type is also prone to open pores and blackheads, especially on the T-zone. So what products should you be looking out for; should you spend your moolah on products for oily and dry skin types?

The good news is, you don’t have to. The key to caring for combination skin is controlling sebum secretion on the T-zone. Here are some tips for clearer skin.

  1. Use a pre-cleansing oil followed by a gel-based cleansing wash. “Pay attention to the T-zone,” says Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute.
  2. Put on a clay-based mask twice a week to absorb excess oil. If the rest of your face is very dry, apply only on your T-zone.
  3. Reduce excess oils and shine with a matte lotion on your T-zone. Remember to apply moisturiser on the rest of your face!

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Text: Hidayah Idris
Additional text: Natalie Babic