These Blushers Flatter Almost All Asian Skin Tones

best blushers flatters asian skin tones

Contrary to popular opinion, blush is an integral part of your makeup routine. It helps bring colour to your face, giving your complexion a healthy flush and ties any makeup look together. But, whether you’re looking to recreate a natural post-workout flush or a more dramatic look with intense blush, we’ve rounded up 11 blushers that will flatter almost all Asian skin tones.

To achieve that I-just-finished-a-jog flush, sweep blusher directly on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temple. To locate the apple of your cheeks, all you have to do is look into a mirror and smile—the fullest part of your cheeks when you smile is where you should apply your blusher on, regardless of whether it is a powder blush or cream blush. And as a rule of thumb, avoid applying any product any closer than two fingers’ spacing from the sides of your nose.

You can also use blusher to sculpt your facial features: just increase the pigment intensity at the hollows of your cheeks (or where you would normally apply a darker contouring shade). For a bolder look or simply to prolong the wear of your blusher, you can also layer a powder blusher over a cream blusher. Always tap off excess product from your blush brush so you always start sheer and then add on more product if you desire added intensity. And if you overdo it, tone down your blusher by gradually layering a sheer foundation over.

Here are some blushers that suit almost all Asian skin tones.

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Text: Joyce Cheo, additional text Smita DeSouza
Image: Unsplash

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