6 Beauty Tips To Steal From Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo

If you’ve been watching Descendants of the Sun, you might have looked at Kang Moyeon (Song Hye Kyo’s character) and thought, “I need to look like her.”

The good news is, you don’t have to go under the knife (unless you want to look like a carbon copy of the actress). Here are some tips to steal from the actress to recreate her signature no-makeup look.

  1. Your skin is the foundation
    Stop piling on foundation to make clear skin happen – there’s only so much makeup can do. Rather, put more effort into sticking to a proper skincare regime and use the right products for your skin type. To wake up to supple skin, slap on a sleeping mask like Laneige Water Sleeping Mask before you hit the sack. That glowing skin you wake up to the next morning will make for the best primer ever.

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  2. Lay off heavy coverage foundation
    To create her no-makeup look, stick to BB or CC cushion, or a lightweight foundation. Add a bit of highlighter to your foundation for a dewy finish. Stay away from heavy coverage foundations, as those tend to have an overly made-up or cakey finish.

  3. Don’t go dramatic on your eyeliner
    K-pop idols like CL might be all about thick cat-eye eyeliners, but Korean actresses like Hye Kyo prefer thin lines that accentuate their peepers without drawing too much attention to them. In fact, some of them even choose to forego eyeliner!

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  4. Wear falsies
    A Korean celebrity makeup artist once revealed the one beauty product Korean actresses can’t live without: fake eyelashes. We’re not talking about Katy Perry-style falsies, but those with a natural finish to open up your peepers while giving a no-makeup look.

    Lavie Lash Accents collection, $6, Sephora.sg

  5. Highlight your cheekbones
    Hye Kyo has rather plump cheeks, but instead of playing it down with contouring, she highlights the apples of her cheeks and opts for pink blusher to look younger.

  6. Choose a light pink or coral lipstick
    You’ll rarely see Hye Kyo rocking red lips. Instead, she usually opts for softer shades such as light pink or coral with a shiny finish. This gives off a girl-next-door vibe, which makes her seem more approachable.

Image: TPG/Click Photos 

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