We’re back with the best products in Singapore for every skin type. And this year, we added a new category—cult classics—so you can also keep up with all-time beauty favourites.

Achieving clear skin isn’t an impossible task – the trick lies in using the right products for your skin type and layering them correctly and consistently. But even if you know your skin’s needs, it can be hard figuring out what the best products are – especially when there are so many different ones in the market.

So we did the work for you and put over 400 products and services to the test. From skincare serums, creams and masks, to supplements and facials, we tried them all.

Scroll through the gallery to be on your way to clear, glowing skin!

Normal skin

Your skin is neither very oily, or very dry. But that doesn’t mean you’re spared from caring for it, especially when environmental stress can take its toll. So cleanse, tone and hydrate regularly – a little goes a long way.

Dry skin

Just because it’s a common condition doesn’t mean it’s any less of a pain to deal with, especially if it’s marked by small, fine flakes and parched patches. You probably know by now that the secret is to lock moisture in – and these products will get the job done. Don’t forget that beauty works from the inside out too, so be sure to load up on water round the clock.

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Oily skin

Although you’ve got to deal with breakouts and excess shine, the good news is that you’re pretty much wrinkle-free. Keep oil under control by washing your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser and choosing your makeup wisely. Avoid pore-clogging foundation and go for products that mattify. Don’t make the mistake of skipping moisturiser – choose lightweight options instead.

Sensitive skin

Your skin is as irritable as a tired teenager, and it gets red, itchy or flaky faster than said teen changes moods. Whether it’s caused by a skin disorder or environmental factors, you’ll need the gentlest formulations to help soothe your condition. Reduce the number of products you use so you don’t overwhelm your skin, and put in effort to protect it with sunscreen.

Acne-prone Skin

Acne comes in all shapes and sizes, but luckily, these zit-zapping, blemish-busting products will repair your skin without breaking you out. You need to keep your skin as clean as possible so bacteria doesn’t breed, so be diligent with your cleansing, and always carry a spot treatment with you to nip any signs of a pimple in the bud.

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Cult Classics

These are the products that have stood the test of time; and that beauty experts and enthusiasts alike swear by. They do exactly as they say and deliver stunning results. Pick out a few of these to add to your skincare routine and you’ll be well on your way to putting your best face forward.

Facials & Supplements

There are many facets to caring for your skin, so aside from eating healthily, exercising and applying the right products, you can also take supplements and pamper it with powerful treatments. It’s all about striking a balance. Besides, a trip to the skin spa certainly doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend an hour or two.