Every year, we seek out new resolutions, but how many of us actually fulfill them? The CLEO team took on the challenge of kicking a bad habit by coming up with a beauty resolution and actually sticking to it. We were each given a couple of weeks to get our act together. But did we succeed? Read on to find out.

Adora Wong, Editorial Assistant
Resolution: Consume beauty supplements

“I’ve been writing about all kinds of beauty and health supplements, so I thought I should give it a go this year. But I completely failed to upkeep my supplement plan. Popping them on a daily basis just took too much commitment, little as it really was.”

Verdict: Fail

Cheryl Chan, Fashion Stylist/Writer
Resolution: No picking or peeling of nails

Chery's Nails

“I’ve been picking my nails ever since I was a little girl. Whether out of boredom or a mild form of Dermatophagia, I’m not entirely sure. Not picking them for a whole month was going to be hard, but I was determined. It was tough to fight the impulse at first, but as my nails grew longer, it got easier. I have tiny hands as well, so the presence of long nails gave me the satisfaction that my hands now look like they belong to a 27-year-old, and not a seven-year-old. But alas, with great nails come with great responsibility. I was just as clumsy with longer nails. They tend to break easily due to its brittleness – the consequence of peeling my nails for years. After two of my nails broke, I caved in and peeled off the rest, causing this beauty resolution to come to an absolute fail.”

Verdict: Fail

Claire, Editor-in-Chief

Resolution: Wash hair every day

Claire Starkey

“My whole life, I’ve been told explicitly NOT to wash my hair every day. Bad for you. Generates too much oil. Fades your colour. Then I arrived in Singapore and CLEO’s Senior Beauty Editor Cynthia was shocked – no, horrified. ‘You must wash your hair every day especially in this humid weather!’ she intoned, casting a panicked look at my 40-percent-dry-shampoo/ 60-percent-hair combination (which thankfully was hidden in a bun). I take her as basically beauty gospel, but I was far too lazy to try this until I had to.

Did it change my life/hair? Well, to be honest no. If anything, my hair is drier now than it was at the start. But it was nice to never have those days where you’ve placed just a little bit too much faith in the miracle properties of dry shampoo and have hair roughly the texture of an oil slick. Will I keep washing it every day? No, but I will be more likely not to risk waiting till day three or four…”

Verdict: Fail

Cynthia Chew, Senior Beauty Editor
Resolution: Stop frowning

Cynthia Chew

“I frown when I read, think or even when I’m listening attentively. It’s become a habit so ingrained in me that I’ve developed rather deep frown lines on my forehead. I have tried over the years to iron them out by applying wrinkle creams (I don’t have the guts to venture into fillers). So my resolution is to try to consciously stop frowning. Whenever I feel a frown coming, I’ll start to relax my facial expressions. It’s not easy but it’s definitely a work in progress.”

Verdict: Fail

Hidayah Idris, Digital Writer
Resolution: Wear hair down more often


“Anyone who sees me on a regular basis would know that I always wear my hair up in a bun. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy and the best way to avoid looking like a lion? Yep, tie it up. Having curly hair means I can tie my hair up into a bun without a hair tie (one of the greatest perks of having natural curls). But every time I see a hairstylist, they all tell me the same thing – that my hairline is receding because I keep pulling my hair up into a bun. Which is why, when it came to choosing a beauty resolution, I chose one that involves me keeping my hair down more often.

But I failed of course. It was just too much trouble trying to blow-dry and set my hair in the morning. To keep my hair away from my face, I opted for braids instead. A 30-second braid or a five-second bun? The decision was too easy. And this explains why I gave up by the fourth day. However, I do try to let my hair down or braid it whenever I attend events, which is quite often. So surely I don’t have to stick to this reso on normal days, right?”

Verdict: Fail

Karen Fong, Associate Editor
Resolution: Apply lip balm every day

Karen Fong

“The whole point of trying out this resolution was to get into the habit of moisturising my super-dry lips. It started off really well – I applied a range of lip balms throughout the day and right before I went to bed at night, so I had a pretty good habit going. It went a little bit off the rails when I was travelling but now I find having dry lips pretty unbearable, so I am going to try and stick to this resolution into the new year. As long as I’ve got lip balm readily at hand (on my desk, in my bag, by my bed, etc) it should be OK.”

Verdict: Pass

Leong Li Yuan, Designer
Resolution: More diligent in night-time ritual


“‘I used to be very hardworking when it came to applying night and eye creams before going to bed, but I haven’t done so in a while. This resolution turned out to be a failure due to my laziness, especially after a tiring day at work. I only managed to apply them on some nights when I remembered to. Worst of all, I actually didn’t feel much difference on my face when I wake up the next morning, and that’s probably why I don’t feel the need for this to be a part of my daily bedtime routine.”

Verdict: Fail

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Sophie Hong, Features Writer
Resolution: Get more beauty sleep


“I totally failed with the whole sleeping early thing because life got in the way. It’s hard for a night owl to change her habits! Although I didn’t get a full eight hours of sleep over the past weeks, I did try to go to bed earlier, at around 11:30pm or so. I can definitely see the benefits because I woke up with slightly brighter skin and my eyes looked livelier, which makes all the difference in photos. It didn’t get rid of my eyebags though… so I guess I won’t be tossing out my concealer any time soon!”

Verdict: Fail

Syafii Ghazali, sub-editor
Resolution: Apply daily sunscreen


“Like most guys, I only use sunscreen when I’m heading to the beach. I realised the error of my ways earlier last year when I noticed faint freckles appearing on my nose. Fast forward to the end of 2016, and some of the freckles had darkened considerably. At the start of this year, I resolved to apply sunscreen daily. The “daily” part was easy – I just had to include it as an extra step after my daily moisturiser. The hard part was remembering to reapply it throughout the day (since even a sunscreen with high SPF will wear off after a few hours). In any case, a month of sun protection was enough to see a difference. The freckles are still there, but fainter than they were before. I’m gonna keep it up!”

Verdict: Pass

Tan Lin Kuan, Senior Art Director
Resolution: Change my hairstyle


“I’ve had long hair since forever. I also have very frizzy hair (from the roots to the ends) so it’s extremely difficult to manage. The only way I dealt with it was to give it a trim every now and then, and go for rebonding. But our dear beauty ed has been nagging me for years to not rebond my hair. So when she asked me to go for a major haircut, I didn’t hesitate. And I love it! I felt a great sense of accomplishment.”


Verdict: Pass

Text: Cynthia Chew