These Concealers Cover Your Zits Without Breaking You Out


Pimples are like guests who turn up unannounced and overstay their welcome. But the difference is that you can conceal a pimple. All you have to do is pick the right product that can conceal and heal.

The secret lies in the formula. Look out for non-comedogenic products, as they do not cause clog pores and exacerbate blemishes further.  Plus, thanks to constant technological breakthroughs, blemish concealers no longer come in heavy, thick pastes. To the contrary, today’s concealers are lightweight while promising high coverage, easily blendable, and are infused with skincare ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria, soothe inflammation and exfoliate gently. Here, our edit of the 9 best concealers to hide and treat zits at the same time.

Text: Kimberly Ong


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