A girl can never have too many lipsticks. At least that’s the motto lipstick junkies swear by. Three lipstick junkies, a.k.a. the beauty writers/editors in the company, reveal how their love for lip colours started and their fave ones.

Cynthia Chew, Senior Beauty Editor, CLEO

“I have been infatuated with red lipsticks since I was 11 or 12 and I would steal Mum’s to wear on special occasions like Chinese New Year. My first lipstick buy when I was 19 and I can still remember it was L’Oreal Paris’ first matte lipstick in deep burgundy. Dark red matte lips were already the rave in the 90s. Over the course of my career as a beauty editor, I must have tried thousands of lipsticks with about 80 different red and orange lipsticks in my personal stash and another 50 thrashed cos they are just too old. I also go through various lipstick seasons where I may favour chilli reds, oranges, corals, fuchsias or plums. I’ve always loved nudes but somehow they look much better on models. The only two nude lippies that I manage to wear more regularly are Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II and Estee Lauder x VB Lipstick in Brazilian Nude. Like lipgloss, pink is one colour that I don’t really have much feelings for. It is such a pretty and flattering shade but on my lips, it makes me feel too twee. I much prefer statement lips that pop, which is why I’m still drawn to bright and bold shades. As for textures, I’m just mad about anything matte. The new liquid lipsticks are perfect for bringing out loud pouts. Although matte lipsticks have a bad reputation for being too drying, the new generation liquid lipsticks are very lightweight and feel less chalky, some even feel moisturising. My favourite look is still red hot lips with a barely-there eyeliner.”  Cynthia Chew, Senior Beauty Editor, CLEO Singapore

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Arissa Ha, Senior Beauty Writer, Singapore Women’s Weekly

“I didn’t actually like lipsticks until recently. Aside from destroying a few of my mother’s lipsticks while I was a toddler, my life has remained largely lipstick-free. I had a red lipstick phase in my 20s but that was only because I had to wear it for work – the quintessential red lipstick that SQ girls had to wear. Wearing red lipstick was a daily affair and I was on a constant quest to find the perfect red but it became such a chore, I think I developed some kind of PTSD because wearing red lipsticks meant work.

It was only two years after I left SQ that I could actually wear red lipsticks again. But I still haven’t touched red nail polish since. I think the liquid lipstick craze sparked off my love for lipsticks again. I love how easy it is to control and I am not bound by the shape of lipstick bullets which often wears down and changes over time. My choice of shades are often in the extremes, ranging from nudes to dark reds; hardly in between. Even though red lipsticks made me jittery at first, I’ve fallen back in love with it for its ability to make anyone look put together instantly.”

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Joyce Cheo, Senior Beauty Writer, Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore

“I’ve been fascinated with lipsticks since I was about four or five. I remember looking at my mum slick on lipstick before heading out to work and that representation of sophistication always stuck with me. When I was about six, I begged my mum to let me wear lipstick on stage for a piano recital, and so she bought me a pink one but didn’t let me use it after the occasion. I had to sneak into her room and fuss around her dresser till I found it – some girls played with their mothers’ pearls and heels, I went straight for the lipsticks.

Throughout my teen years, I’ve had my beauty phases of mascaras and concealers, but I always stuck to my “roots” and stocked up on lip products, from balms to glosses to sheer lipsticks. My first luxury lipstick was a Dior Addict lipstick when I was 16 (my friends bought a lilac shade for my 16th birthday). It wasn’t the most flattering colour on hindsight but I loved what applying lipstick represented – an air of elegance and put-togetherness. I felt more grown up and womanly for using a lipstick. Fast forward to present day and I’m a self-declared (red) lipstick queen. I’ve probably tried 300-400 lipsticks and my current stash stands at approximately 100 (or more), half of that are probably reds because I just love how a red lip can elevate your look instantly. When you have immaculate red lips, you don’t need much else!”

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