Squint a lot when concentrating? Often seated for an extended period of time? You may be on your way to having a “computer face”?

A term describing the premature ageing effects from spending too much time at your desk, “computer face” is said to be occurring more and more. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the number of young officer workers having dry and droopy skin are skyrocketing.

In addition, computer usage exposes us to UV radiation and results in pigmentation. And we know how much of a pain in the a** those spots are.

Here are 10 tips to keep the scary face at bay:

1) Eat yoghurt

Daily consumption is ideal. The creamy treat abounds with nutrients, which help the skin retain suppleness and resist radiation damage.

2) Stretch your neck

Look up at the ceiling and hold the position for at least 20 seconds at a time to release tension. Sure you’ll look strange, but better a weirdo rep than bad skin.

3) Drink green tea

Antioxidants to the rescue, of course. They reduce the darkening of skin.

4) Affix an anti-glare filter

Keep radiation exposure and the glare of blue light to the bare minimum.

5) Use facial masks

Masking unclogs pores and removes gunk and funk.

6) Wear sunscreen

We know by now the importance of slathering on sunscreen even if hiding out in a closet. Protect your skin from UV light damage everywhere. Everywhere.

7) Snack on fruits

You probably aren’t getting enough water, so make it a point to hydrate the body from inside out by munching on hydrating fruits such as melons, grapefruits and strawberries whenever puckish.

8) Keep your distance

Sit at least 0.6 metres away from the screen and sanitise it regularly to clear it from the buildup of dust.

9) Use a hydrating mist

You’re probably already doing this since it can be quite a lifesaver, but it’s still a good reminder.

10) Start on face exercises

They lift and tighten the skin. So get moving, especially when in the comfort of your own home.

Images: Ion Chiosea/123RF.com; Marcos Calvo Mesa/123RF.com
Text: Adora Wong