Clear Skin Secrets From A Skincare Expert

Drunk Elephant founder shares tips.

Want skincare tips? Ask the expert. Last month, we had the opportunity to ask Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson for skincare tips based on questions sent in by CLEO readers, and boy did she deliver. Everything was up on our Instagram stories, but in case you missed them, we’ve compiled her answers here for your easy reading.

But first, a little bit about Drunk Elephant. For those not familiar with the brand, Tiffany started it because she was looking for skincare that didn’t contain certain harmful ingredients that her skin didn’t react well too. These ingredients are what she called “Suspicious 6” (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS), so you’ll never find them in her entire line of skincare products. Read on to find out her top tips for clear, healthy skin.


What Drunk Elephant product is a must-have for all skin types?

You need a range of products. For me, when I launched the line, it was vitamin C serum, a physical sunblock, a good basic cleanser with a low pH, a great oil or moisturiser that’s without any irritants or sensitisers and a good chemical exfoliant. Wwe need all these products to help skin thrive.  

What’s your top tip for achieving a healthy glow?

I think a true, healthy glow comes from lifestyle and ingredient choices. So… lots of sleep, exercise, eating well and using ingredients that your skin can understand—a biocompatible skincare line. 


I’ve noticed my oily, acne-prone skin getting dry. Is this normal?

Yes, I think it can be normal if you’re using ingredients that are keeping your skin in a dysfunctional state. This question supports my theory that there are skin behaviours, which is why your skin would have changed so easily from oily to dry. It is dependent on ingredients, mainly, in my opinion. The weather can also affect your skin, hormones can obviously affect your skin, but when your skin’s functioning as it should and you’re using ingredients that are compatible with the skin, then typically it will remain pretty balanced and it will thrive. 


What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adult acne?

Removing everything and starting with a clean slate. Like a basic cleanser that has a low pH, free of irritants and sensitisers, plus a moisturiser that’s super basic and plain. You can reset your skin, excluding everything you’ve been using up until that point and start over. And once your skin is back in good shape and you get the acne to calm down, then you start reintroducing products slowly to see what your triggers were. Nine times out of ten, it’s what we’re putting on our skin every day that’s causing it, so eliminating that should be a great solution. 


Where does a vitamin C product fit into my skin-care routine?

Our vitamin C is developed to be used during the day under sunscreen. Vitamin C is an incredibly powerful antioxidant and it helps fight free-radical damage that our skin is prone to just by being out in the sun and in the environment. It helps boost the effectiveness of physical sunscreen as well, so having that during the day acts as an extra shield.   

How do I make my pores smaller?

You can’t make a pore smaller. It’s not the actual pore itself getting larger or smaller. The appearance of a larger pore I think is caused by inflamed skin, irritated skin or sensitised skin that becomes, almost a little swollen and it just pronounces everything and so the pore appears larger. If you cut out inflammatory ingredients, sensitising ingredients, irritating ingredients, watch the over cleansing—I believe we only cleanse once a day, at night—and really respect the acid mantle, I think that your skin will calm down, it won’t be so inflamed and the pores will become normal-looking. 


Can I use facial oil in Singapore’s heat and humidity?

Just one to two drops of oil if it’s a lighter oil that your skin is able to absorb and that is high in antioxidants and is the kind of oil that is present in our skin already. That is always great to use no matter what the weather is. 

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