Hair feeling dry and dull? The probable causes might surprise you – they’re pillows and ponytails. But don’t worry, we know how to get that healthy shine back.

You know how your nails have cuticles? Well, so does your hair – and they need as much TLC as those on your nails to keep your hair healthy and glossy. The cuticle is the protective layer around the outside, and when it gets damaged, it leaves your hair vulnerable to more problems. Leave-in treatments can really help restore your cuticles to optimal condition; but how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where we come in…

When do you wash your hair?

Problems you might be facing:

  • Heat damage from blow-drying
  • Friction to cuticles from combing
  • Breakage from twirling your hair excessively or wearing it in a tight ponytail
  • Dry, rough hair caused by air conditioning, the sun and wind.
  • Split ends due to dry, brittle hair

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The CC stands for cuticle care – and that care comes in the form of a special cuticle coat protection ingredient that stops further damage and has a non-greasy finish, leaving your hair soft and smooth.


  • Night
    Problems you might be facing:
  • Damage from tossing and turning on your pillow, which creates friction
  • Frizziness from drying your hair after a shower
  • Dryness from weak cuticles not being able to retain moisture

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Not only does this wonder product have a unique cuticle coat protection to shield your hair from pillow friction, it also works like a night mask, repairing and moisturising your mane while you sleep.

Watch this video to see how to wake up to beautiful hair.

Available at major supermarkets and Western pharmacies.

An Essential special, as seen in CLEO November 2016 issue.