We love manicures, but sitting through a mani session can be a chore for the lazy girl who wants to do nothing but watch Netflix on her bed. And even if you’ve survived it, you’ll still have to worry about keeping it in tip-top condition. Getting a manicure for a special occasion? There’s a chance HR won’t approve your super-bling nail art. So what’s a girl who just wants great nails to do?

Effortless and Versatile

Enter adhesive press-on nail tips, your best alternative to salon manicures. Don’t dismiss them as playthings for little girls who aren’t allowed manicures. Rather, they’re an easy way for you to test out designs, helping you to save time and money. And they’re the perfect option for those with manicure-commitment issues.

Dashing Diva’s Magic Press Slim Fit Press-on Nails, $16.90, come in a size suitable for the average adult Asian woman. You can even choose the nail shapes, namely square, long square, short square or oval. The press-ons wrap around the curves of your nails easily, and can be filed down to match your nails perfectly. Plus, with 12 designs and various finishes to choose from—including matte textures and glitter—you’ll definitely find one you’ll love. Alternatively, go for the Timeless Edition, $25.90, a range that offers premium designs and materials to glam up your nails instantly.

Take Better Care of Your Nails

Here’s another reason to opt for press-ons: they keep your nails healthy. After all, leaving nail polish on for several weeks can turn nails weak and yellow. Those who frequently get gel manicures subject their nails to even more damage, no thanks to the harsh removal techniques involved. On the other hand, each Dashing Diva nail tip is soft, almost weightless, and easily removed, which puts less stress on your nails.

Want to share your enthusiasm for press-ons with your younger sister or nieces? Dashing Diva’s Magic Press Petite Press-on nails, $14.90, are a great way to start, as they’re suitable for children eight years old and above. The Winter 2018 collection consists of six styles, and features adorable characters and prints. The water-based adhesive is gentle on young nails, and dissolves in warm water for easy removal.

‘Tis the Season for Giving

Give the gift of beautiful nails with Dashing Diva’s Magic Box eight-piece set! Choose eight among 300 designs and enjoy 20 percent off the total regular price. Customisation options exclude Magic Press Petite Press-on nails and other discounted items.

This promotion is available online (www.dashingdiva.com.sg) and at Level 3 Takashimaya D.S. Valid from December 4 to 31, 2018.

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