How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

With brands like Fenty Beauty producing a whopping 40 shades, where do you even start?!

Some people are blessed with flawless skin. For the rest of us, there’s foundation. Much like love, when you find The One, when you find the right shade, it should feel effortless, and make you feel like the best version of your self.

But there’s no Coffee Meets Bagel for foundations, so how are you meant to narrow down your search? We asked Fenty Beauty’s Senior Brand Director Erin O’Neill, who was one of the lead forces behind one of the most diverse foundation shade ranges on the market for some tips.

Foundation Perfect Match Fenty Beauty

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Erin says the first step is to find your group. That means start gravitating towards your lights, mediums or darks. “Most people figure out, OK, so I’m usually light. So that already takes you from 40 to 10 [options],” she says.

Next, you need to narrow it down to one that will compliment your undertone. This is a bit different for each brand – Fenty Beauty’s all have a description about this on them, but in general, “[If you tend] to burn in the sun then you might be a little bit more of a cool, or if you [are more likely to] tan, you might be a little bit more warm.”

By now, you’ve probably narrowed it down to about three shades that could be a good fit. The next step is to get physical.

“You just have to swatch a couple,” says Erin. “Right across the chin. We do them vertically.”

The next bit is probably the most important so we are bolding and italicising this so you pay close attention. “You just give it a few seconds so that it warms up to your skin. It’s like paint – paint on a wall looks a little different to how it does when it’s set.”

Now it’s warmed up, look for the one that basically looks likes invisible and voila – you’ve found the foundation equivalent of the Danny to your Sandy!

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