Not all mascaras are made equal. What a tube of mascara can do depends on two things: the formula and the wand.

Like eyeliner, mascara can open up your peepers by amping up the length or volume. Some people even swear by skipping eyeliner and simply applying mascara as using the right application technique to darken the base of your lashes can create a tight-lining effect.

But the big question is not what mascaras can do, but which mascara should you choose – and this boils down to the effect you want. Here’s how Revlon’s Mascara Collection can help you achieve your desired lashes.


See how the CLEO team creates doll-like lashes with these mascaras.

CLEO Kiss & Tell with Revlon from CLEO Singapore on Vimeo.


The featured Revlon mascaras are available in Blackest Black and come in two formulae, Waterproof and Non-waterproof. They are available at Watsons, Guardian and major department stores.

Makeup: TG Goh
Hair: Desmond Yap
Video: Waesome