Glass skin may still be all the rage now (who doesn’t want clear, translucent skin?) but what if you can have a similar effect on your hair? We’re talking about smooth and shiny hair, just like a glass surface.

I went to Chez Vous to find out.

A few months prior, I had gone for a “Hair Botox” at their salon. Marketing Manager Eugene explained the differences between Glass Hair and Hair Botox:

  • Glass Hair treatment is more affordable (Hair Botox costs $599 onwards)
  • Glass Hair treatment is not as long-lasting compared to Hair Botox
  • Glass Hair treatment doesn’t give the “flat” effect that Hair Botox does

The last point sounds pretty good to me because as someone with natural curls, although I appreciate the manageability of straight hair, I don’t look great with flat hair – simply because my wide forehead is accentuated when my hair doesn’t have volume.

The Process

Glass Hair treatment makes use of hard collagen and peptides to fill up the holes in your hair shaft and prevent air from being trapped in the holes, which can lead to frizz. It also uses hydrolysed silk to make hair appear smoother, as well as glyoxylic acid technology, which infuses your hair with “mini hairstyling products” that are heat-activated so you can look like you just step out of a salon after every blowout.

glass hair treatment singapore chez vous

The treatment took about an hour, which was about half the time taken for Hair Botox.

Eugene mentioned this is great for someone who doesn’t want to spend so much time in a salon (i.e., me). He also told me the results would last for about a month, depending on how much effort I put in to take care of my hair.

The process was pretty fast and five steps later, I had smoother-looking hair.

Like Hair Botox, one of the steps involved using heat to activate the ingredients, which produces pungent smoke.

glass hair treatment singapore chez vous review

But not to worry, the hairstylist will hand you a mask and strongly encourage you to use it. I was a bit apprehensive about using it when I was doing Hair Botox – how bad could it get, I thought – but promptly put it on the moment I inhaled the smoke and sent my lungs into shock. This time round, I wore the mask with no hesitation.

glass hair treatment singapore chez vous review

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The Results

After the treatment, my hair felt stiff and heavy, but Eugene said it was normal and that I shouldn’t wash my hair for 48 hours to let the magic work (well, he didn’t say that exactly, but I took it to mean that).

glass hair treatment singapore chez vous review

And magic did happen: after I washed it for the first time in two days (eww, I know) my hair felt softer and looked smoother and shinier. There was a slight “volume” to it as well, which I liked.

Eugene gave me an at-home kit, which included a hair mask with the same active ingredients used to seal in the results, a shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant spray. I was supposed to use the mask during the first two washes, but I forgot about it during my first shampoo, which could explain why my results didn’t last longer.

But Eugene’s estimate was spot on: the treatment lasted a month.

glass hair treatment singapore chez vous review

It probably would have lasted even longer on people with slightly wavy or straight hair, but I’m pretty impressed it lasted that long on my curly hair. My hair gradually went back to looking wavy – it took about three weeks for results to fade – but I have to also point out that I wear my hair in a bun most of the time, which could explain the waviness. Nonetheless, the frizz also started to show after three weeks.

The Verdict

Would I go for this again? Perhaps if I was more diligent about taking care of my hair. While I loved the fact that this was a chop-chop treatment that is perfect for busy Singaporeans, if I’m gonna splurge, I’d go for Hair Botox, which has longer-lasting results. But then again, if you have slight waves or straight hair but just want to make it look smoother, this would be a cheaper option.

#GlassHair Treatment starts from $225, depending on hair length. Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium (Takashimaya). Call 6732 9388 to book an appointment or visit to for more information.